Visual Basic Gnuplot Interface



    Gnuplot it's popular freeware software to plot scientific graphics and works with many operating systems. 
    This site it's not intended to teach or work as a tutorial for Gnuplot , see the links section for more information about Gnuplot
    You will find hear a simple Visual Basic class intended to interface gnuplot from a Visual Basic program.

Screenshot of VB example program


    The interface is just a single class and it's intended only to start gnuplot and send gnuplot commands from a VB program. This code is basically a translation from C to VB from a software included inside windows distribution of gnuplot called pgnuplot. 

    CVBGnuPlot   - Class intended to interface VB program and GNUplot.

Downloads - Visual Basic Class  source code. - this is windows (9X, NT) distribution of gnuplot. Visit gnuplot central site to find updates and the latest available version.


Gnuplot Central Site  - gnuplot central site where you will find detailed information about gnuplot.

Bernhard Reiter- Gnuplot - Scientific Plotting - many useful links about gnuplot.


    If you want to send questions about this VB class send an email to the address below:

    Ricardo Sasson Saat
    Sao Paulo - Brazil.